Fostering belonging is crucial and delicate work in an organization, team or community.

The Centre for Being & Belonging is a consultancy that is dedicated to research and knowledge creation for purposes of building institutional cultures of higher consciousness.

We are interested in working with individuals, teams, and organizations, who not only want to increase the reach of their own cultures but who are equally prepared to do the structural and ideological work required to realize this.

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Fostering Belonging

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Organizations in South Africa and the world over are in need of this hard work and require clear strategies, insightful models and sound advice about how to navigate all forms of diversity; this is the work of the Centre for Being & Belonging.

At the Centre for Being & Belonging we believe that emotionally, psychologically and spiritually safe systems can be built in order to affirm all expressions of human identity. Leveraging the diversity of our organizations is crucial for the future is in this modern era.


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